The Most challenging Blog Post I wrote was my last one.  I began to realize just how divide as people we can be despite shared awareness and knowledge of global issues and relative interactions with the world.  Should this make us more similar or more different?  I think that we try to hard to see differences in order to create understanding, when in reality seeing similarities is how things are connected.  However, noticing differences is what leads us on the path to creating connections, I think that the similarities are the next step.  This is what made that blog so hard to write, because it made me question my own abilities to understand other people rather than see them as “others.”  And how can anyone really tell where the balance is between familiarity, bias, withdrawnness and understanding since each are used together and separately to make social justice claims and to prove legitimacy in register. 

My favourite peer blog was by AnnaJustcity.  She spoke about the Facebook trend promoting breast cancer, which was meant to bring awareness to breast cancer patients, and instead prevailed as a self-centred incentive for many Facebook users.  I like how she brought awareness to a common  awareness issue and brought a new level of awareness to the issue in the process.  I think that this is how knowledge, awareness, familiarity and withdrawnness all become entangled and create a deeper level of understanding that can either get deeper and deeper, or more and more shallow, as her blog post demonstrates.  It also brings back the issue I have with trying to pinpoint an expert within the boundaries society puts up, between others and one’s self, and local and global. 

The favourite blog post that I wrote is probably the one about Jane and Eglington because it was most reflective of my childhood memories, my older perspective and my knowledge of the different communities in the area and the implications of public space locally and through research and class discussions.  This gave me the ability to confidently document what I had seen from a withdrawn perspective.  Although it was a very specific place I think that these dynamics of public space are always present everywhere we go, although it is less obvious who claims what, and what the varying significance of a public space may be. 


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