Documentaries with unique social justice perspectives

1.  Dirty Wars

-Are the reasons/causes, actions/reactions, goals/results of war as straightforward as we would like to believe?  Highly unlikely.  War has changed, become more covert and less politicized.  We need to change our understanding of war as the documentary urges us to do.

2.  Serving Life

-Do prisoners deserve the opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life, do they deserve to show kindness and empathy?  A new program in a prison in Southern United States documents a few individual prisoners’ experiences as they do their best to care for sick and dying inmates.

  1. 2012: The Mayan World
  • What the 2012 ancient Mayan calendar and end of the world buzz means to contemporary Mayan people.  Interesting and important. 

4.  To Educate a Girl

-Documenting a struggle to gain the right to education by a few girls, each from a different country and each facing different obstacles, in many ways, but all sharing a similar goal to get education. 

5.  Food Inc.

-Showing us the complications that have arisen with the popularity of major corporations and their ability to shape laws that allow their businesses to thrive and other farmers to fail.  Social justice is implicated everywhere. 



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