“Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act”

Obama did it, he gave Monsanto, the genetically modifying leaders in the food industry, all the power possible for Monsanto to have, by signing them off as invincible to U.S. government control.  What does this say of a governments responsibility over its citizens if they so easily sign off responsibility to an institution that is completely business orientated?  It shows a complete neglect of a social justice issue which was quickly raised and spread as such all over the internet.  The publicity resulted in the cancelation of the Monsanto Protection Act.  The issue provides evidence that perhaps the government is working towards more self centred goals than we, the people of the world would like.  We would undoubtedly all been affected by the change in Monsanto’s freedom to alter their food products to whatever ill consequences they desired.  This a scary concept, which HAS been done before. 

After watching the documentary Dirty Wars ( it was made clear that the U.S, one of the greatest powers in the world today, had deferred its responsibility for human rights before.  To the extent that they have created a section of military intelligence beyond U.S control to do the dirty work that the U.S. cannot take responsibility for. This military project disrespects all aspects of human justice and was knowingly provided with all the freedom that the American government could offer. 

My knew understanding of the American government, thanks to Dirty Wars, topped with the article on the Monsanto Act, opened my eyes to the nerve of large institutions.   Because, even in a country like America where people are firmer believers of social justice, and they expect no less than what they demand, their institutions are still corrupt and irresponsible.  One must accept this reality before anything can be done to change the situation, and I believe that this is what happened with the spread of the Monsanto article on the internet to the general North American public.  And as a result change was created. 



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