Lake Ontario, Our Lake

Estelle Copyright

Estelle Copyright

Our city resides along the long stretch of Lake Ontario, and over the years it has grown farther and farther out from its proximity. However, going east from the centre of the city, along the stretch of the Lake there is a lot of empty land, that is shut off from the public but is not in use. much of this land still shows reminiscent of the old docking ports, big empty spaces with rubble around, that use to navigate these spaces. Now, this area is definitely worth exploring from Sherbourne to Cherry Beach, as long as you don’t mind edging across a couple fences that must be crossed at the junction of the waters edge. Right now it is a very quite area if you want to get away from the city while being very near to the downtown area.
However, what to do with this area along the water is now up for debate since it is no longer used as regular port. Over the years the waterfront has become used as a place for the general public to use, so now the implication to use this area as a ‘recreational’ location is there (Malone, 214). At the same time, the urge to create housing or retail developments is strong as well due to our growing city (Marlone, 214).
These thoughts have got me wondering if our city is balanced in its considerations of residents comfort and development projects. Although it seems like development is meant to accommodate us in the long run, this is not always the case. There is a difference between development and accommodation since one seeks to further success while the other seeks to make the best with what one has.
We must be aware of the things our city promises us, and question what kind of development we need and what kind is not the best.
How long will it be till our city is so congested that our only views available are of other buildings and our waterfront is completely surrounded by businesses and private residences? As has happened in other areas of the world where huge sections of waterfront are privatized and therefore inaccessible to the general public.
Lets stay aware and promote public space.

Marlone, P. 1997. Capital, City and Water, Routledge, Manchester.



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